How Digitally Innovative Is Your Company?

Pick the description below that best fits to view next steps for moving to the next level

  • We have minimal digital contact with our end users currently, but this needs to change
  • Legacy systems are not able to support more online engagements
  • Team has limited skills and experience working on digital initiatives
  • Outside expertise is vital to help us build a business case and convince the company to move faster
  • Business case is outlined for additional digital development; we use some data analytics
  • Digital initiatives are not yet a major corporate focus
  • Team skills are limited to knowledge relating to our core product
  • We work with partners to identify innovative concepts that can deliver valuable results
  • Digital initiatives are aligned to our strategic business objectives for long-term success
  • We regularly review customer data to track progress against our goals
  • We derive insights and create modern digital experiences to address customer needs
  • We have a digital transformation roadmap and a team trained on the latest technologies